In late-2012, Tony Stephan of Truehope granted exclusive marketing rights of the Q96 formula to Q Sciences – The future life-changing stories are just beginning.The story of Q Sciences and Q96 began with a father’s desperate desire to save his children. Tony Stephan’s wife, Debora, suffered with bipolar disorder for half her life and committed suicide in January [...]


Miracle by Q96

by Evelyn March 10, 2013

My amazing journey with Q96 by Q Sciences began in February 2013. To protect the privacy of a close friend and his family, I will name this person “Joe” to maintain his confidentiality. Joe has suffered with severe anxiety, bipolar (mood disorder), depression and ADD since the beginning of his teen years. Through those years, [...]

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Summer Vegetable Tart

by Chef Bob July 28, 2012

                  This is a great item for either lunch or dinner and presents well with a side salad. Ingredients: 4 each – Whole Eggs 2 oz. – Soy Milk 2 cups – Spinach Leafs 1 tsp. – Sea Salt & Black Pepper Blend 2 oz. – Olive [...]

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Low-Fat Chicken Breast Burgers with Wasabi Mayonnaise

by Chef Bob July 24, 2012

Ingredients: 1 lbs. – Fresh Ground Chicken Breast -100% White Meat 1 – Fresh Fine Diced Red Bell Pepper 2 – Green Jalapeno Pepper – no seeds ½ cup – Fresh Chopped Cilentro ¼ cup – Coconut Milk ¼ cup – Panko Bread Crumbs 1 tsp. – Sesame Oil 1 tsp. – Rice Wine Vinegar [...]

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My Isagenix Story

by Evelyn July 15, 2012

In July of 2011, I was really struggling with severe fatigue, inability to sleep through the night, and falling asleep at my desk and even while driving.  Yes, that’s right, while driving.  I called my closest friends and family to let them know that I thought the end was near, as I was certain I [...]

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Five Steps to Mentally Reach your Fitness Goals

by Evelyn July 15, 2012
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Many people have a goal of getting fit, but do not have a “mental” plan in place to make it actually happen.  Recognizing that the mental part may be more important than the physical part is just another step in the right direction of sticking with your exercise plan.  Use these five steps to propel [...]

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Welcome to our Blog~

by Evelyn July 14, 2012

Well, here is our first official post… We promise to provide you with creative meal concepts and easy steps to improve your diet and healthy lifestyle.  We look forward to sharing our passions — Isagenix and Q Sciences, two amazing world leaders in health, nutrition and wellness.  Additionally, we are passionate about sharing the possibility [...]

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